January 2016


Here we are at the start of 2016. It’s going to be another BIG year of independent audiobook releases for us, we hope you’ll stay with us for the ride!

Here’s just a few of our latest releases:

* LUCK OF THE DRAW written by and starring Richard Franklin (Doctor Who) – a domestic take on World War 1

* A PART WORTH PLAYING – the autobiography of acting legend Derek Fowlds, read by the man himself!

* THE MAN BEHIND THE MASTER takes an in depth look at the life and career of Anthony Ainley (best known as the Master in Doctor Who), read by John Banks

* STORIES OF OTHER WORLDS is a slice of classic Victorian SF, performed by the one and only Dudley Sutton (Tinker from Lovejoy)

* ADVENTURES IN MU MU LAND BOOK 2 continues the incredible adventures, perfect for little ones and adults alike, with even more great songs to sing along with

* ARE THE PLANETS INHABITED? a fascinating piece of scientific history, read by Neil Gardner.

* THE COMPLETE SCOTTISH FAIRY BOOK collection is now available, read by Steven Cree, star of OUTLANDER

* MATHILDA by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, as read by Hollywood superstar and legendary lady Sarah Douglas (star of Superman I & II, Conan, Falcon Crest, Babylon 5, Stargate, etc…)

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