Publishing/Distribution/Co-Production Deal with Fantom Films

new_logo_copy transLadbroke Audio Ltd and Spokenworld Audio are very excited to announce a new audio partnership with the acclaimed Fantom Films.  In a two-way agreement, Fantom will be publishing on audio CD a number of titles from the Ladbroke catalogue, including several major radio dramas and readings series, whilst Ladbroke are digitally distributing a large number of titles from the Fantom collection via their Spokenworld Audio site, as well as through third party retailers such as Audible and iTunes.

“This is the perfect partnership for us,” says Neil Gardner, MD of Ladbroke Audio and Spokenworld Audio. “I’ve been an admirer of Fantom for many years and been a little envious of their incredible portfolio. I have wanted to expand the Spokenworld Audio catalogue for some time, and being able to offer these amazing titles is something I am over the moon about.”

In addition to the publishing deal, the two companies are also partnering on the creation of new titles, making use of the established Ladbroke Audio production facilities in Croydon, and the digital distribution offered by Spokenworld Audio, and CD publishing by Fantom.

“Producing audiobooks is my passion,” says Neil Gardner, “and whilst I love having Random House, Audible, the BBC and Big Finish in the studio, there is always something very special about producing your own new material. Partnering with Dexter and Fantom on these audiobooks has opened up a whole new range of thrilling possibilities.”

Fantom titles that are being distributed by Ladbroke/Spokenworld include the new Lethbridge-Stewart range, celebrity autobiographies and biographies including Joan Sims and Patrick Troughton, and ranges such as The Ghost Stories of Charles Dickens and Toby Hadoke’s Who Talk. New titles co-produced by the companies include A Part Worth Playing by Derek Fowlds, A Constant Alien by Catherine Schell, two new Bob Baker novelisations and the biography of Anthony Ainley.

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  1. Cheryl Gardner April 21, 2016 at 9:29 am #

    congratulations, this will keep you busy for a while.

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