T&Cs – Suppliers

What Audio/Radio Can You Sell For Us?

We can sell any audio or radio production in which YOU hold the commercial exploitation rights, and in which you have pre-cleared the underlying rights for sale. Any indie produced BBC radio programme since 2005 has its commercial exploitation rights automatically assigned to the indie producer, although there are some exceptions for comedy and running series. If you are not sure, it is best to either get you own legal advisor to check, or get in touch with the indies Unit at the BBC for help.

Will You Clear The Rights For Us?

As much as we would like to take all the pressure off of your shoulders, unfortunately it is impossible for us to deal with your rights. Commercial exploitation and underlying rights are part of your contracts with the BBC/commissioner and with your talent. The Radio Independents Group (RIG) has a very good Legal Scheme which gives you access to pre-written contracts and discounted legal advice. We advise that you always retain commercial exploitation rights in all your productions. For underlying rights (such as writers, presenters, etc…) you should be guided by the industry standards.

Will You Pay Residuals For Us?

Once again, sadly no. We will deal with you and you alone. We do not have a legal or rights department that can deal with micro=payments to a myriad of sources. Before you decide to sell through us ensure that you have agreements in place regarding any share of revenue you may require qith your underlying rights holders. And remember, the BBC expects to receive 30% of Net Revenue from any commercial exploitation!

Can You Help Me Through The Process?

Most definitely. We will supply you with a HOW TO guide which will take you step-by-step through the process…with a clear simple list of what you need to do before, during and after you deliver to us the audio file(s).

What Do I Need To Supply You With?

Well, first off, we need a WAV file of the audio/radio production. After that we have a simple form for you to fill out, which we ask you to send back to us electronically (makes it easier to cut and paste all the info!) This form asks for info such as Billing and Promotional Notes, original broadcast dates and details, metadata and any additional info you want listed alongside your production. We will also ask you for any pictures or artwork you may have.

Who Creates The Artwork?

All our titles have a square formatted album cover. This is initially created as a 2400 x 2400 pixel BMP file, from which we can create numerous other sizes and formats. We are happy to create this for you, from images or artwork you send us, or from our our stock of images. Or you are free to create you own artwork, so long as it is delivered in the format listed above. Finally, we have a fantastic graphic designer (Angus Syme) and a way-too-talented cartoonist (Matt Dillon) who are available to create bespoke covers art for you for a small additional fee (we facilitate the deal but you pay them direct, we take no % of the fee – we think these guys are great and want to help promote them and their businesses).

What Do I Get Paid?

It is a simple deal. We pay you 50% of the NET Revenue from any monies earned.

When Do I Get Paid?

Also simple, we pay twice a year in Feb & August.

Can I Withdraw A Title or Titles?

Just let us know and we’ll pull any title or titles you wish.

Can I Have A Page That lists All My Titles In One Place?

You most certainly can. We would love to have a page dedicated to you, your publishing company, your production company and your titles. Just let us know and we’ll work out all the details with you.