Beloved by generations of children and adults, AESOP’S FABLES continue to be a source of pleasure and learning for millions around the world. Animalistic morality tales, short in nature, help young minds to learn many of the rules and manners of our society.  The tales have been translated, interpreted and presented in myriad ways over the years. Over the past few years, Anthony Richardson has been putting his own spin on the tales in the Ginx TV show THE FIRST HOUR.  Now, Spokenworld Audio are proud to present Anthony reading a collection of Aesop’s Fables in audio for the very first time.


In this collection,  82 of the very finest fables can be found, and are grouped into 8 ten minute volumes, for ease of listening:

Part 1

  • The Cock & The Pearl
  • The Wolf & The Lamb
  • The Dog & The Shadow
  • The Lion’s Share
  • The Wolf & The Crane
  • The Man & The Serpent
  • The Town Mouse & The Country Mouse
  • The Fox & The Crow
  • The Sick Lion

Part 2

  • The Ass & The Lapdog
  • The Lion & The Mouse
  • The Swallow & The Other Birds
  • The Frogs Desiring A King
  • The Mountains Of Labour
  • The Hares & The Frogs
  • The Wolf & The Kid
  • The Woodman & The Serpent
  • The Bald Man & The Fly
  • The Fox & The Stork

Part 3

  • The Fox & The Mask
  • The Jay & The Peacock
  • The Frog & The Ox
  • Androcles
  • The Bat The Birds & The Beasts
  • The Hart & The Hunter
  • The Serpent & The Files
  • The Man & The Wood
  • The Dog & The Wolf
  • The Belly & The Members

Part 4

  • The Hart In The Ox Stall
  • The Fox & The Grapes
  • The Horse Hunter & Stag
  • The Peacock & Juno
  • The Fox & The Lion
  • The Lion & The Statue
  • The Ant & The Grasshopper
  • The Tree & The Reed
  • The Fox & The Cat
  • The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing
  • The Dog In The Manger
  • The Man & The Wooden God
  • The Fisher

Part 5

  • The Shepherd’s Boy
  • The Young Thief & His Mother
  • The Man & His Two Wives
  • The Nurse & The Wolf
  • The Tortoise & The Birds
  • The Two Crabs
  • The Ass In The Lion’s Skin
  • The Two Fellows & The Bear
  • The Two Pots
  • The Four Oxen & The Lion
  • The Fisher & The Little Fish

Part 6

  • Avaricious & Envious
  • The Crow & The Pitcher
  • The Man & The Satyr
  • The Goose With The Golden Eggs
  • The Labourer & The Nightingale
  • The Fox The Cock & The Dog
  • The Wind & The Sun
  • Hercules & The Waggoner
  • The Man The Boy & The Donkey

Part 7

  • The Miser & His Gold
  • The Fox & The Mosquitoes
  • The Fox Without A Tail
  • The One Eyed Doe
  • Belling The Cat
  • The Hare & The Tortoise
  • The Old Man & Death
  • The Hare With Many Friends
  • The Lion In Love

Part 8

  • The Bundle Of Sticks
  • The Lion The Fox & The Beasts
  • The Ass’s Brains
  • The Eagle & The Arrow
  • The Milkmaid & Her Pail
  • The Cat Maiden
  • The Horse & The Ass
  • The Trumpeter Taken Prisoner
  • The Buffon & The Countryman
  • The Old Woman & The Wine Jar
  • The Fox & The Goat


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About The Narrator

Read by ANTHONY RICHARDSON. TV Presenter (GinxTV ‘The First Hour’), journalist (Guardian, ESPN) and comedian.




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Anthony Richardson


Tanja Glittenberg


Neil Gardner


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