Beautiful Bedtime Stories – a wonderful new Audiobook for children aged 5-11

6 delightful, original stories to send your children slowly off to sleep. Stories by Christian Edwards – West End performer – making his debut as a children’s writer. Narrated by Graham Seed (Nigel Pargetter in The Archers, Britannicus in I, Claudius) And Original music by Bruno Langley (Coronation Street, Doctor Who).

  • Introduction
  • Seigfried The Sailor
  • Milton The Lonely Kitten
  • Smelly Belly The Hedgehog
  • Tabatha The Witch
  • Bea The Bouncing Baby
  • Toby And His Amazing Football Gloves

About The Production

A new range of children’s audio stories named Beautiful Bedtime Stories is being launched via Spokenworld Audio as part of a joint venture between Bruno Langley (Coronation Street), Graham Seed (BBC Radio 4’s The Archers) and Christian Edwards (Les Misérables, West End).

Written, narrated and composed by the three talented actors, the six charming 10-minute stories will appeal to 5-11 year olds with the series, all played sequentially to include: Milton the Lonely Kitten, Toby and His Amazing Football Gloves, Bouncing Bea, Smellybelly the Hedgehog, Tabatha the Witch and Seigfried the Sailor.

Famously known as “Todd Grimshaw” in ITV1’s Coronation Street, Bruno Langley initiated the idea to create a series of children’s stories and also composed and performed the score for each story using several techniques including live piano performances.

Bruno commented: “Having a son inspired me to embark on a creative project aimed at children. When I was a kid I used to listen to storyteller cassette tapes before bedtime, letting my imagination run wild at all the wonderful stories I was hearing. Working with Graham and Christian from coming up with the story concepts, to the writing, narrating and composing, I would like to hope that Beautiful Bedtime Stories sparks the same reaction in children these days, so they can have the same wonderful experience I did.”

Christian is a West End performer making his debut as a children’s writer. It’s his writing skills that define each of the stories, with Graham narrating each of them in his distinctive calm voice. Graham is best known as the voice of “Nigel Pargetter” in BBC Radio 4’s The Archers, who he played for 30 years before his dramatic exit in 2011. Graham also played Britannicus in I, Claudius. This is the first children’s book Graham has been involved in, so it will be familiar to many parents and grandparents alike when listening along with the children.

Bruno continued: “Audiobooks are certainly a different way of getting children into a love of books. They allow children’s imaginations to run free, as there are no pictures or illustrations for them to refer to, so they are great for sparking creativity! Plus, with many children having personal audio equipment, it means they can listen on the move during long car journeys, as well as in the comfort of their own bed like I used to as a child.”

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