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Christina Rossetti (1830-94) was an English poet. Sister to the great Pre-Raphaelite painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti and niece of Byron’s physician John Polidori (author ofThe Vampyre), Christina wrote poetry from the age of seven. The publication of her most famous collection, Goblin Market and Other Poems (1862), made her a household name and secured her status alongside Elizabeth Barrett Browning as one of the most influential female voices in nineteenth-century poetry.

As her family connections might suggest, Christina Rossetti’s work displays not only a strong religious sentiment but also a profound love of fairytale and folklore, laced with a dash of the macabre.



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At Home
A Better Resurrection
A Birthday
The Convent Threshold
Cousin Kate
Despised and Rejected
Good Friday
In the bleak midwinter
Jessie Cameron
The Lowest Place
Maude Clare
A Royal Princess
Shut Out
Song [‘When I am dead’]
Summer Is Ended
To Lalla, reading my verses topsy-turvy
Winter: My Secret

Goblin Market
(an unabridged reading by Miriam Margolyes)

Saints and Sinners
(an incidental music suite by Howard Carter)




Christina Rossetti – Selected Poems is a set text for the following examinations:

  • AQA AS/A-Level English Literature B (Poetry 1800-1945 specifies ‘The Convent Threshold’, ‘Cousin Kate’, Goblin Market’, ‘Jessie Cameron’, ‘Maude Clare’, ‘A Royal Princess’ & ‘Winter: My Secret’)
  • AQA AS/A-Level English Language & Literature B (Text Transformation specifies Christina Rossetti)
  • EdExcel GCSE English Literature (Understanding Poetry specifies ‘Remember’)
  • EdExcel IGSCE English Literature (Anthology Poems specifies ‘Remember’)
  • EdExcel GCE English Literature (Poetry specifies ‘At Home’)
  • OCR GSCE English Literature (Poetry specifies ‘Cousin Kate’, ‘Maude Clare’, ‘Remember’ & ‘Shut Out’; Literary Heritage Poetry specifies Christina Rossetti)
  • OCR GCE English Literature (Poetry and Prose 1800-1945 specifies ‘A Birthday’, ‘Song [When I am dead]’, ‘Up-hill’, ‘Remember’, ‘Echo’, ‘Twice’, ‘Maude Clare’, ‘Shut Out’, ‘A Better Resurrection’, ‘Winter: My Secret’, ‘Good Friday’, ‘Despised and Rejected’, ‘The Lowest Place’, ‘Summer Is Ended’ & ‘To Lalla, reading my verses topsy-turvy’)




Works by Christina Rossetti:
Christina Rossetti: Poems and Prose (Oxford University Press, 2008)
Christina Rossetti: The Complete Poems (Penguin, 2001)
Christina Rossetti: The Complete Poems, ed. R.W. Crump (Variorum, 1979-1990)
The Poetical Works of Christina Georgina Rossetti (London, 1904)

Studies of Christina Rossetti:
David Clifford and Laurence Roussillon, Outsiders Looking In: The Rossettis Then and Now (Anthem, 2004)
Kathleen Jones, Learning Not To Be First: A Biography of Christina Rossetti (Oxford University Press, 1991)
Jan Marsh, Christina Rossetti: A Writer’s Life (Viking, 1994)
Michael Schmidt, Lives Of The Poets (Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1998)





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Miriam Margolyes


Barnaby Edwards


Howard Carter

Recorded At

The Moat Studios

Cover Art

Alex Mallinson




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