WARNING: Contains strong language and violence


“At just over two and a half hours, it’s by no means a mammoth listen, but it’s certainly not lightweight on entertainment. It’ll leave you wanting more.” 10/10 Starburst Magazine

“…there’s much to enjoy in this SF noir tale.” 8/10 SciFi Bulletin


Welcome to the first KURT LOBO CASEFILE.

Welcome to the Endless, Sprawling, Neon City beneath the broken EverNight.

Welcome to the life of WolfSpliced Detective Kurt Lobo.


There are many, many cases before the events of Kneel Downe’s first book VIRULENTBLURB:FRACTURES. Here is just one of them…


A damaged serial killer is stalking the city streets.

Bodies left at random.

Ritualistic in their method.



Can Detective Lobo find the JackPort Killer before events get too close?

Too personal?

And just what is it that lurks out there in the darkness, hinting at greater battles to come?


Welcome to the world of The Wolf.




Written by Kneel Downe

Performed by Greg Patmore

Recorded at Ladbroke Audio Ltd

Music & Sound Design by Howard Carter

Direct & Produced by Neil Gardner


A Dreamcage Media Group / Spokenworld Audio / Ladbroke Audio Ltd co-production


Visit www.virulentblurb.com for more access to the universe of Kneel Downe.




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Greg Patmore


Kneel Downe


Howard Carter

Sound Design

Howard Carter & Neil Gardner



File Size/Quality

192kbps (better than CD), 256kbps (superb quality), 320kbps (highest quality)

2 reviews for The JackPort Killer: A Virulent Noir

  1. Starburst Magazine

    “Released a few months back in paperback form, this story was the first of The Kurt Lobo Casefiles, a planned series of books based in indie author Kneel Downe’s VirulentBlurb universe. We’ve been following the author’s work for a while, and have been fully engrossed in the world of Detective Lobo, the WolfSpliced cop with a hard edge and sharp wit. So when the prospect of an audio book version of the story was mooted, you could count us in.

    The story follows Lobo on a case tracking down the titular killer, who has been leaving some personal mocking statements at the scene of the crime. Lobo himself narrates the story in the form of a journal, and it’s this aspect that makes the audio version come into its own. Greg Patmore breathes life into the scruffy, gruff cop and embodies him with a unique presence and timber which is quite startling, and while not the Marlowe-esque voice we imagine when we read, it’s not too far away that we can’t picture him perfectly. As the story goes along, Patmore (or rather Lobo) also ‘plays’ the other characters, but totally in keeping with the tone of the work, almost as one would do when telling a friend about a conversation you’d had. This, along with the moody, but not obtrusive, music by Howard Carter makes it an absorbing and riveting listen.

    Make no mistake; this is adult stuff, not only in the extreme language used, but in the use of style and genre. Close your eyes and you’ll be transported to the bizarre world of the Blurb, almost able to smell the rancid splices that occupy Downe’s world. The descriptions come alive in Lobo’s voice, and become as vivid as anything our imagination could possible concoct. Away from the printed page, the unusual language and terms that the story is made up from don’t seem as alien; this may well be the easiest ‘in’ to this domain yet.

    At just over two and a half hours, it’s by no means a mammoth listen, but it’s certainly not lightweight on entertainment. It’ll leave you wanting more.”

    10/10 Starburst Magazine

  2. SciFi Bulletin

    “Can Detective Lobo track down a deranged serial killer before it all gets too personal?

    Warning up front: this story contains swearing. A lot of f***ing swearing. In fact, if you cut out all the uses of the f-word, it would probably be two-thirds of its current length. It’s the way that the character thinks – the whole story is told first person by Lobo – and you may well reach a point where you almost don’t notice it any more, particularly when Lobo suddenly checks himself from using the word in dialogue by referring to a “bad word”.

    That said, Kneel Downe’s tale works very well on audio. The original stories are all told in short sentences (tweet-length, to be precise), which lend themselves naturally to the audio format, where too long sentences can be a real problem. If you’re not familiar with the Virulent Noir world, then various clues are doled out as to the nature of the narrator and the others with whom he works – the name Lobo is a pretty good clue (even if most of the other characters’ names don’t particularly match their species) – and you’re drawn in quickly to this dystopia, even if you’re not really sure how it’s set up. The murderer on the loose has ties to Lobo’s past, and they are going to yank the detective’s chain as far as they can.

    Greg Patmore’s growly tones work well for Lobo, and he adopts suitable voices for the other characters – there’s a sequence in an asylum where you’ll think there are multiple actors involved – with Howard Carter’s sound design evoking exactly the effects desired in the different locations, and the minimal music score providing that extra edge. The sparseness of the text gives director Neil Gardner plenty of scope, and between him and Patmore, Downe’s text comes to gravelly life.

    Verdict: As long as the constant repetition of the f-word doesn’t offend, there’s much to enjoy in this SF noir tale.”

    8/10 SciFi Bulletin

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