A century ago, Sax Rohmer introduced the world to a malevolent genius destined to become one of the most iconic fictional villains ever created: the fiendish Doctor Fu Manchu, “the Yellow Peril incarnate”.

In this first volume, we meet narrator Dr Petrie and his old friend Nayland Smith, formerly of Scotland Yard. Teaming up to investigate a series of assassinations, they pursue the evil Doctor from the opium dens of East London to the stately homes of England. But what is his ultimate plan? And can they trust the word of the Doctor’s mysterious slave – the “seductively lovely” Kâramanèh?

While Rohmer’s characters are a product of their time, the fun and excitement of his plots cannot be denied. The grudging mutual respect between Smith and Fu Manchu echoes that of Holmes and Moriarty, but the pace and thrills of these action-led stories set the style for later heroes from Bulldog Drummond to James Bond.



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