WARNING – This audiobook contains somes strong language

“When I was a boy there was this old man that used to live in my village. We’d seen him round about, swatting at things that weren’t there and yellin’ at the voices in his head. Us kids, we’d dare each other to go and poke him with a stick, or throw rocks at him. My old granny, she found out what we were doing and she wasn’t mad, she was afraid. Stay away, Samuel, she’d say. Stay away. That man have Duppies in his head.”

“What’s a Dobby?”

“Duppy, mon. It’s like a spirit that haunts a man, whispers in his ear. The good ones, they come to you in your dreams, tell you nice things. But the bad ones… they enter through a hole in a man’s heart and steal his soul. What you got left is a madman: bitter and hollow. I tell you, the Tall Man? He’s got some nasty Duppies haunting him.”

Connor Alasdair’s parents have never lied to him; they’ve always treated him like an adult and included him in family discussions. So why won’t they tell him about the strange red-haired man who keeps visiting their home? Why is his father lying about the monster in their back garden? And why are both parents so insistent that he stops asking questions?

Yesterday 1990s suburbia held no terror for a 15 year-old boy. Today Connor will discover the magic and horror hidden beneath the surface, and how his ordinary life holds the key to fulfilling an oath sworn fifty years before he was born.

About the Production

Read by leading audiobook performer JOHN BANKS (Doctor Who, Big Finish, ‘Allo ‘Allo) and written by MPJ Dillon, this is the first in the Traveller Series.

Music composed by, and licensed from Purple Planet Music

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John Banks


Tanja Glittenberg


Neil Gardner


Purple Planet Music



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