A collection of 12 Scottish fairy tales, perfect for children (and adults) of all ages.

“…This is a lovely set of stories for all ages that captures the tradition of Scottish story-telling for future generations.  As I have come to expect from Spokenworld, the production on the audio is excellent and the music very well chosen. This collection would make a lovely gift for children of any age or just a great excuse to get back into listening to traditional bedtime stories.” – 8/10 The Cult Den

Herein you will find what may be called “Celtic Stories,” which were handed down for centuries by word of mouth by professional story-tellers, who went about from clachan to clachan in the “Highlands and Islands,” earning a night’s shelter by giving a night’s entertainment.

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About The Production

These stories (which are also common to the North of Ireland), are wild and fantastic, with every flavour of Scotland throughout. They tell of heroes and heroines who set out on dangerous quests,  giants and monsters, fairy folk and other mythical creatures, strange other-lands and mysterious meetings. They have a peculiar Celtic fascination of their own and they are quite distinct from the more traditional (Grim style) Fairy Tales.

These tales, in Scotland, have also a character of their own, for there is no country where the existence of Spirits and Goblins has been so implicitly believed in, up to a comparatively recent date.

From morality tales to spooky stories, these 28 fascinating fictions are performed with energy and amazing characterisation by Steven Cree, one of the UK’s most versatile actors, currently making a big splash in the US hit TV series Outlander.

Volume 1 of traditional Scottish fairy/folk tales, as collected and edited by Elizabeth W Grierson and originally published in 1910. Volume One contains the following tales:

  1. Introduction & Preface
  2. Thomas The Rhymer
  3. Gold-Tree and Silver-Tree
  4. Whippety-Stourie
  5. The Red Etin
  6. The Seal-Catcher and the Merman
  7. The Pageboy and the Silver Goblet
  8. The Black Bull of Norroway
  9. The Wee Bannock
  10. The Elfin Knight
  11. Nippit-Fit and Clippit-Fit
  12. The Fairies of Merlin’s Crag
  13. What To Say To The Nu Mune


About The Narrator

Read by STEVEN CREE (Outlander, Brave, John Carter, 300 Rise Of An Empire, Malificent)




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  1. SpokenworldBoss

    “All in all, this is a lovely set of stories for all ages that captures the tradition of Scottish story-telling for future generations.” – 8/10 The Cult Den

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