Original 2-person half-hour audio drama from Spokenworld Audio

2014 NEW YORK FESTIVAL AWARDS Winner - Best Drama

2014 NEW YORK FESTIVAL AWARDS Winner – Best Drama


“Harrison’s script has been brought to life in the best way possible” – Alwyn Ash

“A well-told sad drama…it’s hard not to see the great potential that Sometime Never has…” – Starburst Magazine

“This is an intense 30 minutes. But you won’t regret the listen.” – 9/10 The Cult Den

“A well-structured bittersweet tale.” – 8/10 Sci-Fi Bulletin

SOMETIME NEVER, written by Scott Harrison and starring Simon Jones (Hitch-hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy) and Rosalyn Landor (The Devil Rides Out, C.A.T.S. Eyes). The audio drama is directed, edited and sound designed by Neil Gardner (Doctor Who, Dorian Gray, BBC Radio) with music specially composed by James Dunlop (Big Finish/Dorian Gray).

SOMETIME NEVER tells the story of a chance meeting between Nancy Timperley and the mysterious David Voland, at the site of a past tragedy. Just why is Nancy there, and what does David know of her past and the tragic events of so many years ago?

Sometime Never - recording

Simon Jones & Rosalyn Landor

About The Production

“I launched Spokenworld Audio in 2010 specifically to get to a time and place where we would be able to do just this sort of thing, commission and produce our own audio drama,” says Neil Gardner, owner and MD of Spokenworld Audio. “I’ve spent years working in radio and audio, always at the whim of the commissioning editors’ wishes, bemoaning the lack of opportunities to create the sort of audio that I enjoy, and I know that there is an audience for. So, after a few years building up the business and getting things in place (like building our own studio) in late 2013 we were ready to start work on a range of short, 2 person audio dramas. Simon Jones is my ultimate radio hero,” says Neil, “but I have never had the chance to work with him, frustratingly! Then an opportunity arose, whilst he was in the UK, and I jumped at it. This meant Scott had to create and refine a script in just 4 weeks, and we had to work out a schedule that was being squeezed by Christmas deadlines. But when you have the chance to work with a legend like Simon, you move mountains! But then, that’s why I love working with Scott, he is the consummate professional writer, as well as being disturbingly talented.”

To star alongside Simon, Spokenworld Audio turned to an actress very much at home in the audio medium, Rosalyn Landor. A legend in her own right, having starred in genre classics such as THE DEVIL RIDES OUT and THE AMAZING MR BLUNDEN, as well as being an award-winning audiobook narrator, Ros was the ideal choice to portray Nancy.

“I had been working with Ros for many months recording audiobooks for the USA, but I knew she was itching to do some full-on acting,” recalls Neil Gardner.“What a joy for me to have two legends of audio to work with…and, it turns out, they’d worked together before, which made the recording day more like a reunion, fantastic!”

SOMETIME NEVER focuses on just two characters, in a confined location, allowing the listener to enjoy the performances to their fullest.  The drama is half an hour long, and includes sound design and music score by Neil Gardner and James Dunlop, who worked together previously to create the second series of “The Confessions Of Dorian Gray” for Big Finish.

“I learned very quickly, working on Dorian for Big Finish, that sound design was an essential part of creating these audio experiences, but without a terrific score, the final product just wouldn’t feel like the ‘audio movie’ we were aiming for,” says Neil. “While our new series is focusing on performance and script, I wanted to bring the magic we’d found on Dorian to these new productions, and so it was a no-brainer to recruit the incredibly talented James Dunlop to composed the score.  And he’s delivered a beautiful, haunting, almost romantic set of tracks which really lift the production to new heights.”

SOMETIME NEVER marks the debut for Spokenworld Audio’s drama aspirations.  The company aims to release 6 titles in 2014, alongside their regular roster of single-voice audiobooks and radio documentaries.  And sitting in the background, almost ready to poke its head out of the shadows, is a feature-length, full-cast drama…but we can’t say anything else about that right now!

“This is a calling card for us, a chance to find new listeners and invite them to see what we have to offer.  We are passionate about audio, and like our friends at Big Finish, Bafflegabble and Audible, we want to bring as much new material to life as we can.  The BBC can only commission so much, and even then they don’t commission much of what we want to produce. So here we come, to do it for ourselves…audio for all ages!”


Simon Jones & Rosalyn Landor

Editor/Sound Design

Neil Gardner


Neil Gardner


James Dunlop



File Size/Quality

192kbps (better than CD), 256kbps (superb quality), 320kbps (highest quality)

4 reviews for Sometime Never

  1. SpokenworldBoss

    “Harrison’s script has been brought to life in the best way possible” – Alwyn Ash

  2. SpokenworldBoss

    “A well-told sad drama…it’s hard not to see the great potential that Sometime Never has…” – Starburst Magazine

  3. SpokenworldBoss

    “This is an intense 30 minutes. But you won’t regret the listen.” – 9/10 The Cult Den

  4. SpokenworldBoss

    “A well-structured bittersweet tale.” – 8/10 Sci-Fi Bulletin

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