It is estimated that there are over a million professional voice actors in the world. It is by nature, a largely hidden profession but nonetheless is one that annually generates over $4.5 billion globally.

‘Voice Over Man’, is a fascinating insight into the life of one of the world’s most prolific voice-over artists. It’s a frank and very personal account of his career. Not in the full glare of the spotlight, but in the dark spaces behind the scenes that the public never get to see. From barking like a dog on pet food commercials – to his universally recognised work on the world’s biggest television shows – ‘The X Factor’ and ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ together with countless video games and live events – he recounts the highs and lows of his deeply unconventional career. If you liked; ‘The Larry Sanders Show’,‘W1A’, ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ and ‘Toast Of London’ – you’ll love this!

Unlike, Kleenex or Clorox, Peter Dickson is not a household name so while he may not be very effective at or indeed remotely interested in cleaning under your rim or around your U-Bend, his voice is heard in every household in the United Kingdom and beyond; every hour of every day, of every year. From selflessly lending his vocal talent to: radio and TV commercials, video games, documentaries, radio programmes, interactive telephone systems, corporate audio and video productions, game shows and family friendly TV broadcast entertainment behemoths, he is quite literally all over the ruddy place!

From barking like a dog on pet food commercials and shouting about pizzas and furniture to his universally recognised work on the world’s biggest talent shows – ‘The X Factor’ and ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, to yelling “Come On Down!” as Bruce Forsyth’s sidekick on ‘The Price Is Right’ on TV in the UK and putting the ‘spring’, into Jerry Springer – to the whacky world of ‘Mr Mad’ ‘Voiceover Man,’ and other characters on BBC Radio 1, he recounts the highs and lows of his deeply unconventional career.

This is a book which will appeal to anyone, who has ever wondered what actually goes on behind the scenes on TV and radio. It’s a frank and very personal account of a life lived in the media. Not in the full glare of the spotlight on the shiny floor in front of the camera, but in the dark spaces the public never get to see; the voice booths, control rooms, offices, dressing rooms and dimly lit corridors backstage. If you liked; ‘The Larry Sanders Show’ ‘W1A’, ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ and ‘Toast Of London’ – you’ll love this!


“Peter Dickson is a legend in the industry. It’s about time we heard from His Master’s Voice” Hugh Bonneville – Stage and screen actor

“Peter Dickson is a show-business legend” David Walliams – Comedian and author

“Great yarns and excellent stories from the man with the voice of gravel and gravy.” Vic Reeves – Comedian and surrealist painter

“The weird thing is, I read the entire book in his voice” James May – Motoring Journalist and TV Presenter

“Peter Dickson has a voice hewn from Granite with a little icing sugar sprinkled on the top. What an absorbing read.” Harry Hill – Comedian and TV presenter

“There are just two great voices for me: Tom Waits and this guy. Peter has a legendary voice. Come on, you’ve tried to sound like him. You have. Don’t deny it! Well, this is the story of how he did it… for real.” Richard Hammond – Motoring Journalist and TV Presenter

“A wonderful read. Peter’s wit and heart are as big as his voice.” Dermot O’Leary – TV Presenter

“Not only one of the most recognised and loved voices in the English-speaking world, but a sublime wit, a thoughtful contemplator of humanity and, above all, a total gent.” Alexander Armstrong – TV presenter, comedian and singer

“They say a good writer needs to find his voice. Peter Dickson certainly has no trouble finding his!” Danny Wallace – Author

“Peter Dickson? Our survey says….’the best in the business’!” Les Dennis – Actor and TV presenter




Peter Dickson has been a professional voice actor for 45 years. He has worked in all sectors of the entertainment industry and alongside many of its biggest stars. He has been: the voice of over 200 television series – many of them multi award winning and the brand voice of over 60 television channels. He has acted on over 30 of the world’s top selling AAA game titles and has voiced over 30,000 television, cinema and radio commercials. He founded and co-owns – the world’s biggest online voice-over training school and mentoring resource for established and aspiring voice talent, founded and co-owns – the global virtual events platform, he has an honours degree in psychology, is a member of British Actors EQUITY and the Chartered Institute of Journalists. His charitable interests include: Centrepoint, the UK youth homeless charity of which he is an ambassador, The Royal Airforce Benevolent Fund, Childline and Stand Up to Cancer. He and his wife, Barbara have 2 boys, one of whom designed the cover of this book. They live in Buckinghamshire, in the UK.




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