Brought together for the first time as a complete collection, you will find here 16 short audio stories written by award-winning audio writer/producer/director Neil Gardner.  These 16 short tales delve into realms of existential investigation, from dark horror and science fiction futures to fantastical flights of scientific wonder. Each story is a self-contained world of its own, a moment in time that illuminates a thought, a person, an experience or a curiosity.

Narrated by a who’s-who of legendary TV and audio performers, many from the world of Doctor Who (where Neil is a leading audio producer) and underscored by beautiful and evocative incidental music.

These are short stories written specifically to be performed in audio. We hope you enjoy the ride…and the journeys of thought you are taken on.

Featuring music by PURPLE PLANET MUSIC.


  • The Sound Within – John Banks
  • Saya’s Last Gasp – Louise Jameson
  • Focal Point – Geoffrey Beevers
  • Inside the Machine – Nicola Bryant
  • The Embrace – Christopher Ragland
  • Outside Looking In – Anneke Wills
  • Day One – Peter Noble
  • Twin Points – Michael Fenton Stevens
  • Saya’s First Giant Step – Louise Jameson
  • Extermin8 – Terry Molloy
  • The Waiting Room – Toby Longworth
  • Wrist Watch – Nicola Bryant
  • Truncated – Christopher Ragland
  • New Born – Billie Fulford Brown
  • Space Hopper – Dan Starkey
  • The Last of the Tea Ladies – Louise Jameson


“If you like your horror to be psychological and you enjoy the nightmare-like complete experience of Gothic, then you must listen to this.  8/10” – The Cult Den

“As a whole this five minute gem of a story grabs your brain and it doesn’t let go. Get it.  10/10” – The Cult Den

“Day One. Even the title resonated with me for some reason, as it spoke of the promise of things to come and of something to look forward to and I was not disappointed as I sat, open-mouthed and awestruck for the full five minutes.” – Susan Omand

“It demands your full concentration and, as a story, it will stay with me for a long time.  I cannot fault it. 10/10” – The Cult Den

“a very well told story, beautifully performed and with a great unexpected twist.” 9/10 The Cult Den




Neil Gardner has worked in professional radio for over 30 years. He has worked in local, regional, national and international radio stations, has engineered, presented, produced and programmed at all levels. He is a multiple-award-winning audio writer & director, with a love of sci-fi and comedy. He is the Managing Director of Ladbroke Audio, where he can also be found producing hundreds of audiobooks for Audible UK, Penguin Random House, SPCK, Hachette and BBC Audio. He is also a sound designer and producer/director, including for Big Finish Productions (Doctor Who, The Confessions of Dorian Gray, Gallifrey, DW Short Trips, Survivors, etc…) He was the Chair of the Radio Independents Group (AudioUK), Trustee of the Radio Academy and Trustee/Tutor at the Gateway School of Sound Engineering. He is the founder of the Audiobook Creators Alliance, and in 2019 was a finalist for Audiobook Producer of the Year.




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Neil Gardner


John Banks, Louise Jameson, Geoffrey Beevers, Nicola Bryant, Christopher Ragland, Anneke Wills, Peter Noble, Michael Fenton Stevens, Terry molloy, Toby Longworth, Billie Fulford-Brown, Dan Starkey


Neil Gardner



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